Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Memories

Ok, so my friend Meg tagged everyone to share their Christmas memories/traditions. What a great idea...or so I thought! I realized quickly that I need to start up some traditions now that I am a mom. After reading Meg's I have decided that I have had pretty uneventful holidays while growing up! But, here's what I came up with...

1. I remember getting a baby stroller one year and I was so excited about it! However, after breakfast we all smelled plastic burning. The source of the smell was, you guessed brand new stroller! We had one of those floor furnaces growing up and I had left it on there and the wheel melted to the heater grate! So sad...

2. Now a good one! I remember my sister and I getting adoption dolls! Mine was named Amanda Renee and she was a pre-cursor to the Cabbage Patch doll I got a few years later. (I was never into Barbie dolls - only baby dolls!)

3. My sister and I would get up sooooooo early on Christmas morning and BEG my momma and daddy to let us go ahead and open presents but every year they would say, "Wait until we have breakfast!". We would beg and plead and they always let us go ahead and tear into them!

4. In the past, our whole family would come over Christmas afternoon and eat lunch together. More recently, we have been doing a "family get together" a few days before and exchange presents. There are so many people in my family that we have to draw names (I am one of 8 kids and there are LOTS of grandkids!). We usually draw names at Thanksgiving.

5. My mother is the most difficult person on earth to buy a present for and she has always said she hated Christmas. Kinda a scrooge, but we all know and accept that about her! My daddy was the easiest person to buy for and he always LOVED Christmas!! This will be my first Christmas without him and it just won't be the same. He was like a kid opening presents and I will miss seeing his happy face on Christmas morning.

6. Tom and I do not buy presents for each other. We have always taken the money we would have spent and given to a needy family. This year, funds are very low thanks to a $2000 transmission, so we won't get to do it :(

7. Tom proposed to me during our family Christmas in sweet!

8. I love scrawny, Charlie-Brown type Christmas trees with cheap tinsel and home-made ornaments. They are the best!

Now....everyone else post their Christmas memories because I am nosy and like to know these things!!

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Craig and Kristi Brooks said...

My most favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve. We attend church that evening with my dad. Then head to my grandmother's house, Mama Bet. We sing Christmas carols and Santa comes and visits. It is just precious to see the little ones when he arrives!! I can't imagine not having this tradition!!