Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting used to my new life!

Bedrest. Till he comes. Which could be tomorrow or six weeks from now. Wow. How did THIS happen?? Most of you guys already know that my water broke last Thursday (while I was driving down I-20 at 80 mph on my way to a scheduled doctors' appt!). Needless to say, I freaked out! This was no was like a tsunami!! Did I mention that I freaked?? I called my dr. and they met me with a wheelchair, sent me straight to sonogram and informed me that I would be heading straight to the hospital. Um, what? No no no! This has been a Picture Perfect pregnancy! I have had NO problems and now I am told I will be in the hospital until Luke comes?? Also, you guys know that I am a kindergarten teacher and I had absolutely NOTHING planned out for my sub!! I thought I had two months!! Oh dear! I guess God had other plans for me...But things so far could not be better. I am not dilated or having contractions (which should buy me some time). Also, I tested negative for Group B strep so they took me off antibiotics. I did get two steroid shots just in case I start dilating, but so far nothing! From Thursday to about 6 hours ago, I was not allowed to let my feet touch the floor, but this morning the doc gave me bathroom privileges! O happy day! I have never been in the hospital before and using a bedpan has to be one of the most humiliating things in life! I even got to take a shower (sitting down of course) today! I feel like a new woman! They have taken him off 24 hour monitoring b/c everything looks good, so now we just monitor him every 4 hours for 30-45 minutes. They have even taken me off fluid but they made me promise I would drink LOTS of water. Currently they tell me Luke only has about 3 cm. of fluid inside (which is very low) but they say that it is OK because he is making new fluid all the time and my body is making fluid which is washing over him constantly. The nurses have told me that he won't be a "juicy" baby. He might look like a little dried raisin! He will definitely have to go to the NICU but for how long, we don't know! And, odds are, I will have a c-section. That is OK by me!! I just want him to be healthy and strong!! I does not matter to me how he gets here! I just want him to wait a little while longer and cook some more! I believe in the power of prayer so if anyone is reading this, please take a minute to pray for my little spider monkey, Luke Thomas Smith. Pray that he will stay in his mommy's tummy for at least 4-5 weeks! God has a plan for all of us and I just pray that the plan will be revealed soon! Thanks so much to everyone at OES, Crosspoint, my friends, family, my friend's families, and anyone else who has taken a minute to call and check on us, send us flowers and goodies, and for all the monetary help. I have been blessed with the most amazing group of people who love me and the sheer volume of kindness and concern for me, Luke and Tom has been overwhelming! I love you all and will find some way some day to repay you! I love you all and will keep you posted with anything I find out! Love, Rhonda


Meg said...

We love you & are so glad you got a laptop!!!

Jaime said...

I am so glad Luke is cooperating! And I expect lots of blogging now that you have a laptop at the hospital. Logan and I will be by to visit you soon. You guys are in our prayers. We love you!!

Brandy said...

Stay strong! Be good to yourself and give yourself a hug. Missin ya bunches. Hopefully I can come by and visit. I would love to catch up with you! Let me know if you need something....ANYTHING! Lots & Lots of prayers are heading your way!

Jonica said...

Hey guys,

I'm praying for you!!! I love you guys and little Luke too! If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. ANYTHING!!! 965-5290

deanna-russell said...

Hey, George and I are praying for you and little Luke! At least you will be able to store up some sleep before my little cousin comes!!
We love you.

Erin said...

Hey girl! We love you and are praying for y'all. Luke is gonna be so perfect when he get here and I can't wait to see him...well I can wait another 5 weeks! Grayson and I will come visit if you think you can handle the "wild child!"
Love you!

Randi Funderburg said...

Hey Rhonda, Tom & Luke!

Keith and I are coming to see you tomorrow before my dr appt and I have lots of goodies for you. I am even going to try to make special treats for you tonight... if you catch my drift! :-) Love you!

The Grays said...

You are definitely in our prayers! I hope baby Luke doesn't decide to make his appearance for a little bit longer! We'll be by to see you tonight!

Lisa, Eric, and Jax

jlowry said...

I saw Luke's photo on Meg's blog ... he is precious. He even had his eyes open for his photo !!! Pop and I are so excited for y'all. I know it has been scary for the last few weeks, but God is good ... and He has reminded us that He is sovereign. We're anxious for everyone to get home, but we appreciate medical expertise that will provide Luke the special attention needed for these first few weeks. Until then, keep blogging with lots of photos ! ! !
Love ya,
Jean and Len

jlowry said...
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