Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mr. Magoo, that's who!!

Well, Luke is doing fantastic tonight! He is up to 9cc of food and that makes me very happy! He is really getting stronger in his grip! He makes little white knuckles when he grabs my finger...it's so cute! His biliruben count (the stuff that makes him jaundice) dropped just a tiny bit, but at least it is not going up. I read him another story tonight (Goodnight Moon) and I swear he just dropped off to sleep holding my finger. It really felt like my heart could explode with love for him! The nurse did let me take off his jaundice shades so I could see his cute little face more. His little eyes kept going cross because he has no control of those muscles yet. It was quite amuzing! I am posting some pictures from tonights' visit! Keep praying hard for God to help his body grow strong, strong, strong!!

Oh, the whole Mr. Magoo title is because his daddy thinks he looks like Mr. Magoo! I think he looks like a sweet old man!

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smotes said...

I am praying for Luke and you!
I know how hard it is to "live" at the NICU. We were only there for 5 weeks but it seemed like longer. We became very attached to the nurses. He is in good hands. We can't wait to meet little man when he's better.
P.S. I always thought Sawyer looked liked a little old man too - -still does!!
Luke is precious!!
Love you!