Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hormonal Hannah!

So last night Tom and I were watching Miami Animal Police (why I do it, I don't know...) and there was this deer with wire around its neck. To make a long story short, if the animal guy did not try to get the wire off, it would die. So they caught it, removed the wire (but its neck was SEVERELY cut) and it got up, wabbled around, then collapsed. Well, it died. And I started bawling!!!!! Tom looked at me and asked, "Are you serious??? Are you crying over that deer??". What can I say?? I literally cried for 1/2 an hour! I told him it wasn't just the deer, it was all those sad, abused animals and then I was crying because I missed my dad, and then I was crying because our nursery is not done, and then I was crying because Sept. 11th had just passed, and so on, and so on, and so on....
Crazy. The hormones have started up again!! But, just 11 weeks to go! And I am sure I will still be crying after Luke is born (but hopefully, those will be tears of joy!). Anyway, the moral of this story is DO NOT watch sad animal shows when you are pregnant! Nothing good comes out of it!!

Oh, I have not figured out how to add pictures to this thing yet...I'm working on it! Then you will be filled with never-ending pictures of my swollen face, tummy, maybe even feet!! :0 Ok, maybe not my feet, but I would like to get some pics on here soon!!

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Jen said...

HEY!!!! You're so pretty :-) I canNOT believe you only have 11 weeks left!!!!!!!