Saturday, October 11, 2008

4 LBS. and growing...

Monkey hit the 4lb. mark tonight! YAY!! He is officially 4lbs. & .06 ozs! The high fat/high calorie formula they have him on is seriously doing the trick! Also, they removed his nasal cannulas (the nose tubies that send air in) AND they took his feeding tube out of his mouth (where the tape kept getting yucky) and put it in his nose. Soooo....we can actually see his cute face now! Where are the pictures, you ask? Well, I didn't know that all of this had happened this afternoon (we were just there at 12:00). When we left, he looked the same as he had for the past few days. And when I got there tonight I got the nice surprise of seeing his little face. I go to my purse to get the camera, and realize that I had left it at home :(!! Of all nights to do will come tomorrow! He really is changing so much! Tomorrow I go to my friend Christy's baby shower! Her sweet Lanie and Monkey actually have the same due date!! It's funny to think that Lanie looks alot like Luke right now, only she is still where she is supposed to be!! In her mommy's belly!!

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