Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"A Worm In Hot Ash...."

Hello friends! I'm flying high even though I am totally exhausted! We just got back from the NICU and Luke is doing very well. He is up to 15 cc's of food (both my milk and a preemie formula). This is great! They are pushing his food quite quickly because he has very small veins even for a preemie. The docs are hoping a weight gain will "fatten" up his veins. He has had his IV in both of his feet, both hands, his head...It i really hard to know that he is being stuck all the time. On a lighter note, when I came to visit him this morning, his nurse told me "Girl, you've got a wild one on your hands!!". Another nurse had already told me he was fiesty! Apparently, he is already trying to roll himself around and he grabs ahold of his little tubes and PULLS!! The nurse told me today that it is like watching a "worm in hot ash!". It just cracks me up!! I am so glad he is full of fight and such a little character! So much for Luke having his daddy's laid back personality....I think he is gonna be like his mommy! For those who know me personally, I tend to get hyped up alot! And my family also knows that I have been known on a rare occasion to have the slightest bit of a temper....hee hee! Anyway, Luke's Aunt May-May (Maribeth) and Aunt JJ (Jennifer Cox) came by to see him tonight and they brought PRIZES! Jennifer brought a sweet little blankie with a horse on it and Maribeth brought ANOTHER big gift from many of the wonderful women I work with at Odenville Elementary! Several people went in and got us a Cracker Barrel gift card (yum) and $60 worth of gas cards! I am not lying or exaggerating when I say I work with angels sent from heaven! They are the best and have done SOOOO much for me, Tom, and Luke. I have just a couple of pics from tonight! Oh, I almost forgot! I got to change his diaper tonight! It is so weird changing a preemie diaper versus a full term baby! He is so tiny I thought I would break him!! But, thankfully, everything went according to plan! He was so mad!! He hates having his diappy changed!!! I love it though and can't wait to change many more!!! One of these days I am going to figure out how to post pics within this blog, but until then I will post them seperately!! Continue to pray for our little worm!!! God is GOOD all the TIME!!

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