Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My monkey is getting so big! He is weighing in tonight at a hefty 5 lbs. 10 ozs!! He loves to eat!! They have taken him off his daily dose of caffeine. He has to be off the caffeine for at least 4 days before we can start a countdown to come home! We are hoping to start an eight day countdown on Sunday. Any brady or desat will cause him to have to start the countdown over again, so the nurses say not to be super hopeful because most babies start their countdown over and over until the docs figure out why the bradies are occuring. He will be 36 weeks gestation next Monday, so hopefully this will cause him to just naturally quit having them. I am very hopeful to have have him home before Thanksgiving!!
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Amber said...

Hi Rhonda!!! This is Amber - one of your nurses from STV! Just came across your blog and can not believe how big Mr. Luke has gotten!!! WOW!!! Amazing! You look wonderful and I hope things are going great!

Jaime said...

Oh my gosh, Luke is a chunker!! I LOVE it!!!! He is such a cutie.

Meg said...

Oh...hes changing so fast! I love him!!! Cole had that outfit....I bet its so sweet on Luke!

Alison said...


So glad to hear that Luke's doing so well, and I pray that he'll breeze right through that 8 day countdown. I am also very excited about ya'll doing the ABC interview with us! Can't wait to meet you!

Alison Baggett

Craig and Kristi Brooks said...

WOW!! He is getting so big!! I am so excited for y'all!! I will keep y'all in our prayers! I love you!!

Collier Chronicles said...

Dear Lord I ask that you continue to be with the Smith family and baby Luke. I pray you be with him as he starts his 8 day countdown today. I pray you will continue to give the family peace and comfort. Be there with them when the frustration of it all sets in. Lord please watch over Luke's pod mates.

In Your name,