Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, to blog everyday.....

Guys, I really wish I could post messages everyday, but can I? NO. And I will tell you why. My sweet husband, Tom, seems to take great joy in "disassembling" the computer and adding a whole bunch of new junk on it to make it "that much more faster" on a weekly basis. Inevitably, something goes wrong and he has to "figure it out" (which, to his credit, he always does). This renders me unable to get my daily fix of blog time. It's like a drug. I swear. Anyway, it absolutely sends me into a tizzy and I fuss and gripe till I get my dear sweet computer back!! Anyway, here is an update on what's going on in NICU world with baby Luke. He actually started his first 8 day countdown on Friday (we didn't know this until Saturday). I was SO excited when I found this out on Saturday morning when I called to check on him. I pranced my happy little tail down there on Saturday afternoon (I even took his picture outfit with me, you know, in case they wanted to take his hospital picture) only to find out that he had a MAJOR brady after I called. :( They said his heartrate dropped so much that he turned a dusky color. Now that's scary!! The bad news is that he starts his 8 day countdown again with day 1 starting on Monday. The good news is that up to Saturday, his last brady was on Oct. 26th. This means that he really is growing out of them!! If he continues to have any this week, they will do an upper GI on his to check for reflux. The docs will put cereal in his formula if this is the case. Tomorrow will be his 36th gestational week, so he is quickly becoming a full term baby! Yay! Sooooo......the countdown is back on and I am still very hopeful of having him home BEFORE Thanksgiving! I need to feel like a mommy SOON!! On another note, I am asking for lots of prayers for Luke's girlfriend in the NICU named Paisley. She is a cutie patootie who has been his podmate since day one and she has a little cold right now. This makes us sad because we can't see her since she has to be in isolation as to not get any other babies sick. She is getting better, but we probably won't be podmates when she gets out of isolation. :( Her mom and dad are the sweetest couple!! They are "firt timers" like we are, but they are much younger than Tom and I. They are handling their situation with such grace and maturity!! They amaze me!! When I was their age, I was partying like there was no tomorrow, not giving the slightest thought about anybody but me me me! And here they are with this new little life that came way too early (but is doing great) and they have been hit with all the scariness of the NICU and the "what if's". It's amazing to see them!! They are so in love with each other and their little girl!! Morgan and Matt - YOU GUYS ROCK!! I'm missing ya'll in Pod C!! I hope everyone had a great Halloween! No pictures from last night cause my card is full and its hard actually deleting any of my pictures of Luke!! Love Ya'll!


Collier Chronicles said...

I think we were pod C'ers as well. We were the first pod when you walk into the NICU!
I can go the rest of my life without hearing that evil dirty word, dusky! I cringe like the hyenias on Lion King when they say Mufasa.
As for the Upper GI, Ethan had this done. It turns out he did have acid reflux and this was the cause of his duskiness and projectile vommitting he did/does. Some medication, rice cereal in some formula and we are good now.

I can feel your time coming to graduate from NICU! Keep strong in knowing this is His plan. Matt, my husband, and I viewed this time as a growing experience with some nannies there to help us learn!
I love reading your blog, I am so thankful the Lord placed you in our paths. Please let Luke's girlfriend's family know if they need us, I am only a phone call away.

Collier Chronicles said...

Girl, the Sunggs on your friend list is in my Sunday School class at Riverchase UMC in Hoover!


Collier Chronicles said...

Actually on that, I don't know those Snuggs. Hollie Snuggs and her husband are in our Sunday School Class. Related? Yes. Right set of Snuggs? No.

Ooops, sorry about that.