Wednesday, November 12, 2008


YAY! Luke made it through his countdown and his family room night and we have monkey HOME!! Am I scared?? YES! Am I nervous?? YES!! Am I paranoid?? YES! Am I exhausted?? YES!! Am I happy?? YESSSSSSSS! Thank you for everyone leaving sweet comments about our last night in the NICU. Everyone was so wonderful there, but I have to say...I never want to go back!! Only to visit Luke's NICU buddies - that's the only reason I will be back! Guys, I am so overwhelmed by everything! I don't really know if I'm coming or going ~ there is soooo much I am worried about! Because I am absolutely psychotic (just ask my husband, he'll tell you) I spent the night before last online at the SIDS research institute website reading memorials on sweet angel babies! Crazy, I know. Why oh why do I do it? Now, my mind is filled with the horrors of SIDS. I want a monitor. I want it to beep really really loud if he ever quits breathing, even for a second. I want a NICU nurse to live with me. I want to live in a bubble where nothing bad happens to my child or any other person's child. I want God to know that I would never be able to stand losing Luke. Ever. See what being up for almost 24 hours does to my feeble little mind?? Enough of the bad thoughts....Luke Rocks! He is the cutest thing ever created!! He makes the sweetest little grunts! He sounds like a baby goat!! I love it! Tom has to go back to work tomorrow, so it's me and monkey by ourselves. EEKKK! I probably won't even put him down. I don't have anything to do here because my bestest friend Jennifer came over yesterday and deep cleaned my house for me!! It's soooo clean and I love her for it! She is like a cleaning nazi!! She gets a natural high from cleaning and is manic about things being ubercleaned. With a preemie in the house, this is a very very good thing! I've got the best friends ever! I love you guys....I will post some pics tomorrow showing our last day at the NICU and our ride home! Wish me luck tonight and say a big ol' prayer for all of us!!


Collier Chronicles said...

You will do wonderful! Trust me. I remember my first day alone. Just he and I- it all comes naturally. It really does!

I know you will do great! You are already a wonderful mommy. You will have those moments where you go, Lord just give me some strength and sleep!

I will call you later to check in. Trust me when I say I completely understand if you can not call me back or talk!

Jaime said...

What a wonderful gift to be thankful for on Thanksgiving! I am so excited for you guys and can't wait to see the little monkey! It is strange the first days by yourself, but one day you realize you can't remember what it was like before his little grunts and cries, formula and dirty diapers.

Kim Goodwin said...

Hi Rhonda! I admit I'm a blog stalker :), I'm sure you already know of this type of monitor, but I wanted to tell you just in case you didn't know...I got this for my baby who is coming in a few weeks (because I am a paranoid freak) and I think it will put your mind at is the link to it at Target online the reviews, they are awesome..and I have actually read a few reviews where this monitor saved a baby's life because they stopped breathing and the Mom was alerted in time... :)

Craig and Kristi Brooks said...

YEAH!!!!!! I am so excited for you both!! I know Luke is happy to be home with his mom and dad!! I love you both and you all will be in my prayers!!

Footprints Ministry said...

Hey Rhonda!
We've been praying for precious Luke! We're so glad he's finally home! The Lord has a very special plan for your little man! We'll continue to pray for you as you adjust to having him home.

"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him." 1 Samuel 1:27

In His Grace,
Kim Wilson
Footprints Ministry,Inc.

Randi Funderburg said...

Congratulations! We are so excited for all of you! We are definitely praying for you during this transition! I know that everything will go perfect -- it has so far! Love Ya!


Carmen said...

Congrats! everything will be fine and you will do a great job! I am a mommy who want to put our baby in a bubble too so i totally understand! You have GOT to get a Halo sleepsack swaddle today! they come in premie sizes and it is another way you can (try to) rest easy at night knowing Luke is safe and sound and not under a loose blankets. Go on halo's website ( and read about all the awards they have won and don't waste time on the cheap swaddleme and the like...we have tried them all and they all stink in quality and design next to Halo's! The sleepsack swaddle is awesome and the wings come off so you can have a regular sleepsack when you don't need the swaddle part so it is a real bang for your buck! get one! you will love it! our older child STILL sleeps in one for big kids with feet holes!
Good Luck and happy mothering!