Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's good to be back!

Hey guys! I'm back from my "blogging sabbatical" and lots has happened since I left! Luke is growing like a weed! He is probably pushing 9lbs. by now! Can you believe it?? He has come a long way since his lowest weight of 3lbs. 7ozs.! I have stopped putting cereal in his was giving him too much of a bellyache and he was NOT happy about it. He went from a relatively good baby to one that I could hardly console. The cereal made him really constipated and he was just miserable - and so was I! We were having to give him diluted apple juice and it wreaked havoc on his little tummy - all kinds of noises and it just sounded really bad. We also had to give him glycerin suppositories :(. Not fun! So, after a week, I made the executive decision to take him off of it. And he seems to be doing OK. I do think he has reflux because he cries when he burps and he is still spitting up quite a bit, but it's not projectile so hopefully he will just grow out of it! He seems to be more like himself & he is not nearly as fussy!! He has been off the cereal for 3 days and until this morning had still not pooped. Pardon me while I discuss's just something mommy's have to be deal with! Anyway, we had Poopfest 2008 at around 7:30 this morning. It was bad ~ really bad! Bless his little heart! He acts like he feels MUCH better now, though! On a sad note, I currently have no car. That's car is screwed up! I was leaving the Shell station on Friday night and did not see this HUGE hole on the side of the road and apparently I cut my wheel a little sharp and BAM - ran right into it! It has done something really bad to it...I could not get it to drive or go forward or anything! I put it in drive and it just revved like it was in neutral. Nice. We had to have it towed and will assess the damage tomorrow. Needless to say, I had a major hissy fit/breakdown/cuss fit/panic. If I am being tested, believe me, I failed miserably that night! I mean, I seriously had to ask God to forgive me for all the UGLY things I said! What else....Oh, I went to see "Four Christmases" tonight with Jen. It was great! Very funny! I love movies!! I want to go more often but never find the time. I had my shower last Sunday and it was wonderful! I got so many cute things for Luke and LOTS of clothes! My faves included three Feltman Brothers outfits and a Feltman Bros. bib! They are sooo nice and I can't wait until Luke is big enough to wear them! He also got lots of books and this cool rainforest thingy you hang on his crib. I also loved his monogrammed burp clothes and a homemade frame my friend Christy made. It was all so sweet and special! Speaking of my friend Christy, she had her sweet baby girl last Monday! Lanie weighed in at 7lbs. 7ozs. and looks JUST like her mommy (beautiful of course!). She already has Angelina Jolie lips and a head full of dark hair! Also, my mom is STILL in North Carolina! She has been gone over a month and it makes me sad that she has not seen Luke. She says she is coming home this weekend, but we'll see. Needless to say, she missed my shower. I'm not bitter...wait, yes I am! My MIL came over yesterday and let me sleep for a few needed hours while she watched Monkey. Then my sweet husband came home from the gun show, handed me a benedryl to knock me out (I'm a light sleeper), & told me I was going to sleep longer because he was going to watch the baby and I needed a break! OH I LOVE HIM!! I slept for, no lie, 9 hours!!! It was WONDERFUL!! And I have felt sooooooo much better since! Well, that has pretty much caught you up on what's been going on here in Smithville! Hope everyone is doing great!

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