Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here is Luke's snazzy new rainforest swing we got from Nonna! He loves it! He looks a little demonic in this pic...I promise he's not! He's really sweet! Also, here is Monkey's pack-n-play that he sleeps in. Well, "sleep" is relative! See, it's got monkies on it!! That's 'cause I'm clever like that!!It's not at the end of the bed...I moved it to my side of the bed last night before we headed to bed. I will get pics of the nursery posted when it gets complete. We still have to hang a border and pictures but it is really starting to look cute!
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Morgan Eddy said...

Awww... I love the pictures. Yea I was so tired that I just couldn't get up to go this morning. Aww... 4 shots... Bless his heart. Paisley is getting the 4 shots that Luke got today but she is getting one every 24 hrs. So one of the 4! Not sure which one. We miss yall so much. Love ya!!!

Oh btw... Blogging is hard!

Meg said...

The Pack & Play is so cute!